Certificate of Achievement

To get a Certificate of Achievement you need to upgrade your course (find out more about upgrading). Then you must mark over 90% of course steps as complete and attempt all test questions, achieving a score of over 70%.

Share your research

Our broad and growing learner base means the audience for your research can be tens or even hundreds of thousands of people. You’ll also have the opportunity to share, discuss and collaborate on research with other academics as part of ‘FLAN’, the FutureLearn Academic Network. This group meet quarterly and meeting topics have included

Attract future students

As well as showcasing your institution and brand to a global audience of learners, you also have the option to recruit students onto your own existing HE courses. Using a custom step within a course, you can reach and recruit students from an audience of learners who are highly receptive to further study.

Unlock digital innovation

Working alongside a leading digital team with years of experience in design and technology, you’ll get complete support during the creation of your course. We collaborate with you to help you develop and deliver courses that feature expert pedagogical design and smart social learning.

Build a global brand

Partnering with FutureLearn means sharing your courses with millions of learners in more than 190 countries. This is a great way to showcase your brand or organisation to a global audience. In fact we have the biggest ever single run of a free online course, with more than 440,000 learners.

Get your digital Certificate immediately

As soon as you’ve qualified for a Certificate you will be able to view and share a digital version. Depending on your location, you ll receive your printed Certificate around two to five weeks after you qualify for it.


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